X22 Report, 20 November 2020

Episode 2334a – Trump Begins The Great Reset Countermeasures

The [CB]/[DS] continue to push their agenda of the Great Reset. The MSM is pretending it is not happening. The leaders, the [CB]s are now projecting on how the economy is going to collapse because of the virus. Trump the patriots began to counter the reset. This is phase 1, the patriots are in control.

Episode 2334b – Once The [News Unlocks] Can The Puzzle [Full Picture] Be Put Together, Panic In DC

The [DS]/MSM are now losing the narrative, the news is getting out that there was voter fraud, censorship will be pushed harder now. Dark Winter is being used to control the people, keep people from talking about the elections, keep them controlled; The virus is virtually non-existent. It is only the (amount of) cases and the fake MSM that is now keeping it (fear) alive. When the news unlocks the people will be able to see the picture very clearly. The MSM/[DS] will try to stop this.

The Deep State lost. They are still struggling to control the narrative. Reporters started screaming when Pence left a presser. Pence and Trump are playing with the media. This is a scam. The Dems are not following the Constitution — Trump is using this weapon, the Constitution against them. We the People have the power.

Mitt Romney is panicking. He is also corrupt. He doesn’t know how the Constitution works!

Many states are NOT certifying the vote yet. Audits are needed. There are still many questions. Democrats are trying to cover up everything, because they cheated. Tucker Carlson erupted against Sidney Powell. He demanded ‘evidence’ and got very rude. He turned — controlled opposition. Six corporations control MSM and are complicit with the DS.

Why would anyone show their evidence before they get into court? You wouldn’t. You will see more individuals turn against the people. Politicians accepting bribes, etc.