X22 Report, 19 November 2020

Episode. 2333a – The [CB] Accelerated Their Plan Out Of Panic, Patriots Were Counting On This – November 19, 2020

The [DS]/[CB] were rushed into their reset, they were not planning on moving up their agenda, but they had no choice, they were running out time. Trump and the patriots trapped them in the reset. Once it has begun the [CB] cannot stop it. This is exactly what the patriots wanted.

The ‘virus’ shutdowns are part of this globalist ‘reset’… lock-down of the people, removing their rights, vaccinating everyone, chipping, controlling and conditioning the people, destroying the economy, no more private property…

Episode 2333b – Dominion Execs Running, Message Sent In The Past, Received In The Present – November 19, 2020

The [DS]/[CB] are now boxed in, the evidence is now pouring out and Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are presenting more and more facts and truth. This is not about Republicans vs Democrats, this is about the American people, this is about how the [DS]/[CB] has stolen our right to vote.The Dominion Execs (their offices in Canada are empty!) are now on the run. Back in 2012 Trump sent a message, future really does prove past. The patriots are preparing to take down the entire [DS] system, the people will no longer be divided, this will bring the people closer together, the [DS] will try to stop the people uniting.

If someone calls you a racist, it is their opinion, not reality!

The Democrats over reacted due to the red wave for Trump. Now, they’re caught! Election fraud all over the place and the mainstream media is ignoring it… right now. Expect more censorship! Truth and transparency is coming out!