The Meaning of Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Lift your eyes up to Mine, and see through My eyes into yourself, into the universe, into the light of Heaven. You will not be blinded. You will see. You will know true seeing. More light enters, and then you see better. You see further and you see nearer all at once.

Light enters your eyes, and light is also emitted from your eyes. And that is the motion of life, the one motion of life that seemingly comes in and goes out but really is one circle. Reciprocal is the motion of life.

And what is the meaning of this inward outward chant that is like the chugging of train wheels, this backward and forward movement that moves you forward?

Are motion and meaning the same? Does one motion mean one meaning? Are there considerable meanings to life or only one? Is the one meaning packaged differently…

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