Creativity — Again and Again

Writing, writing, and more writing…

Humoring the Goddess

John Lemke

I know that word is my catch phrase lately, and that lately has extended for the past few years in all kinds of directions.

I never went to college; I was one of those work-right-after-graduation kinda gals. I never took formal art classes of any sort, but I’ve always been in love with creativity.

Being “stuck” in our homes because of this Covid madness, I am finding more and more people are striking out on creative endeavors of their own. If for a commercial end or a play end, people are connecting with that fourth dimension and having the best time hanging out there.

I’ve mentioned before that I have quite a few creatives in my life; one best friend crochets these amazing blankets and jackets; one creates scrapbooks that are museum quality; one has taken to making impressively creative signs to hang around the house or patio…

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Election Morass, Covid Morass. WHAT IS REAL? —

The gigantic 2020 election fraud drama twisted in the wind again, with newly crowned Fox News star Tucker Carlson pointing to our newly revered Teacher and Warrior Woman Sidney Powell, saying she refused to provide him “evidence” to prove her case. Wrong, said Sidney, in fact I did provide what Tucker wanted, and he was…

Election Morass, Covid Morass. WHAT IS REAL? —

The Upcoming Full Moon Eclipse Energy and More

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Sorry it took me so long to get to this update and sharing. I swear most days someone caked mud in my brain and the flow of information just gets clogged up. But then again, we just went thru a very powerful super new moon which has set up our fields and bodies (again) for the coming full moon eclipse. This one is proving to be very different.

The few readings I was able to do since arriving in Texas has our field energy concentrated, as well as the sun energy coming off the moon concentrated.

The way the fields are showing up is with a sort of eclipse upon it, each in unique formations, especially since spirit has created our current fields in square shape instead of round. From what I am seeing and understanding, the energy that is darkened out on our field, has purposely pushed all the…

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The Meaning of Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Lift your eyes up to Mine, and see through My eyes into yourself, into the universe, into the light of Heaven. You will not be blinded. You will see. You will know true seeing. More light enters, and then you see better. You see further and you see nearer all at once.

Light enters your eyes, and light is also emitted from your eyes. And that is the motion of life, the one motion of life that seemingly comes in and goes out but really is one circle. Reciprocal is the motion of life.

And what is the meaning of this inward outward chant that is like the chugging of train wheels, this backward and forward movement that moves you forward?

Are motion and meaning the same? Does one motion mean one meaning? Are there considerable meanings to life or only one? Is the one meaning packaged differently…

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