X22 Report, 18 November 2020

Episode 2332a – [CB] People Controlled Reset Versus Trump’s People Transition, Watch What Happens Next

The [DS]/[CB] are moving their agenda forward with the reset, they are preparing the world for what they want. Trump is preparing the transition away from the [CB]/[DS]. Trump has the upper hand, he will use their weapons against them.

Episode 2332b – Patriots Take Control Of Special Operations, Certain Fail-Safes Initiated

The patriots are in control, the elections are going exactly how they planned it, it must be shown to the people. If it was presented outright the public would not accept, the people must see the fraud. The [DS]/[CB] are preparing for their loss and so are the patriots. Trump just terminated Kreb who handled CISA. Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnik took back control of special operations. All the pieces are almost in place.