The 2020 election stolen along with 100 Trillion Dollars!

Hmmm, this is getting interesting!


Wall Street’s great merchants of the earth have been tracked and traced down and it is now evident that those doing the tracking have found voter fraud along with over 100 trillion dollars stolen by Wall Street’s great merchants of the earth over the last 15 years.

Fact number 1: The Clinton Foundation is back in the picture with the voter fraud and the Delian Project. This project is devoted to the global new world order of Babylon the great. It’s all about the use of donated electoral technology (note the word donated, and secondly note the words electoral technology.) It appears that same donated electoral technology went crazy in the election of 2020, so much so that it came crashing down and they had to stop the voting on election night to fix a few glitches that went out of control. There just weren’t enough dead people and they…

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