X22 Report, 15 November 2020

Ep. 2329a – World Leaders Take Sides On The Reset, Patriots Fighting Back

The [DS][CB] plan has been accelerated, the [DS] has taken the bait and they are moving forward with their ultimate plan, the global reset which will control the world. Trump and the patriots can clearly see who are apart of the [DS] and who are not. The World Leaders are now taking sides.

Ep. 2329b – The Patriots Have It All, Bait Taken, [DS] Plan Accelerated, We Will Win

The [DS]/MSM believe they are in control. They are moving forward with their agenda. Trump and the patriots have trapped them, this is not about the four-year election; this is about breaking their system once and for all. The people needed to see it all, they needed to see their true selves (of the Deep State and Central Bankers) and how evil and diabolic they really are. Without experiencing it, feeling and tasting the people around the world would never usher in change. Trump and the patriots have opened the door, the people have to decide if they are going to walk through it.

Global agenda = depopulation of 90% of the world’s population, control of the survivors under a Chinese communist type of government… where all freedoms no longer exist.