Linkedin Glitch or Mass Exodus of Dominion Employees?


The votes were off the charts for President Donald. J. Trump and the Dominion software algorithms were not set high enough to handle their fraud so they stopped counting! That is what Attorney Sidney Powell has declared.

voter fraud verified - Imgflip

Now that the truth is ringing throughout the world and cyber jail isn’t working to keep the truth in a jar… there is a mass exodus of Dominion employees deleting their Linkedin profiles.


So far 100 of 243 Dominion employees have deleted their profiles. But move along, nothing to see here. It’s all sour grapes from deplorables led by a man who won’t concede, right? WRONG! It’s the biggest exposure of voter fraud in the cyber history and all those involved are being exposed.

So what happens when the too big to fail puppet masters have all their puppets strings cut into? We shall soon find out. Something tells me this is the…

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