Four-Owls and a Tree: An Ancient-Future Dream

Koyopa Rising

A dream that marks the upcoming end… and beginning again. November 16, 2020.

I was on an exploratory mission to a deserted land. A small group of us had a base camp on the periphery of an abandoned village. It was quite old and built entirely of stone. Something happened here long ago that caused people to die or leave willingly.

Upon entering the town, we immediately split up to explore our assigned sections. I noted the spectrum of gray here, as I had in a previous dream. It felt like the blood of this once-thriving community had been drained into the dust, but not before a certain kind of chaos hit the cobbled streets. Most of the houses were in rubble. Nature had tossed her chess pieces in the form of large boulders throughout the town. Other massive stones appeared to have thrust themselves up from the earth as…

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