Linkedin Glitch or Mass Exodus of Dominion Employees?


The votes were off the charts for President Donald. J. Trump and the Dominion software algorithms were not set high enough to handle their fraud so they stopped counting! That is what Attorney Sidney Powell has declared.

voter fraud verified - Imgflip

Now that the truth is ringing throughout the world and cyber jail isn’t working to keep the truth in a jar… there is a mass exodus of Dominion employees deleting their Linkedin profiles.


So far 100 of 243 Dominion employees have deleted their profiles. But move along, nothing to see here. It’s all sour grapes from deplorables led by a man who won’t concede, right? WRONG! It’s the biggest exposure of voter fraud in the cyber history and all those involved are being exposed.

So what happens when the too big to fail puppet masters have all their puppets strings cut into? We shall soon find out. Something tells me this is the…

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Four-Owls and a Tree: An Ancient-Future Dream


Koyopa Rising

A dream that marks the upcoming end… and beginning again. November 16, 2020.

I was on an exploratory mission to a deserted land. A small group of us had a base camp on the periphery of an abandoned village. It was quite old and built entirely of stone. Something happened here long ago that caused people to die or leave willingly.

Upon entering the town, we immediately split up to explore our assigned sections. I noted the spectrum of gray here, as I had in a previous dream. It felt like the blood of this once-thriving community had been drained into the dust, but not before a certain kind of chaos hit the cobbled streets. Most of the houses were in rubble. Nature had tossed her chess pieces in the form of large boulders throughout the town. Other massive stones appeared to have thrust themselves up from the earth as…

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ELECTION-GATE: Turning and turning in the Widening Gyre — Exopermaculture

W. B. Yeats: Meanwhile: JP Sears knows a thing or two about psy-ops . . . The world’s agonizing political and cultural divide has ramped up to such an extraordinary extent that it is becoming more and more clear just who is who. Mask-wearers virtue-signal their compliance. So do those thrilled that Biden “is the ’president-elect.”…

ELECTION GATE: Turning and turning in the Widening Gyre . . . —

Experience | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

It is your path, as a human in this school of emotion, to experience what you’re experiencing now. There is nothing to ‘get over’, there is nothing to eliminate. You can choose to change your learning experience at any time. Free will is yours. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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KRAKEN – The Election Treason: It’s Math! Coming Soon!

KRAKEN – The Election Treason: It’s Math! Coming Soon!

You Are Free TV

11/16/2020: 250K Americans showed their TRUMP support on Saturday in DC and Powell, Wood, Guiliani, Shiva show the evidence- Bizta, Sequoia, Smart Matic, Dominion, SCYTL- It’s about to be revealed!…

Numerous supporting links available on YouTube channel…

The disclosure is coming…

Open to New Ways | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Dear Beloveds, what you feel matters, but it is insignificant.

Remember that what you feel and following your heart are not equivalent. It is My heart you follow. And My heart does not get caught on the little things that enter and surround your feelings. Consider your feelings no more and no less than ego. If they are only yours, they are ego.

That which does not belong to Me is ego. Call it what you will. Call it sensitivity. Call it honor. Call it respect. If it is not Mine, it is ego.

Abandon your ego. It is not your strength. It is your weakness.

I am your strength.

Embrace Me, not ego.

I am your Champion. Ego is not. Ego is for itself, not you.

I am for you.

Let Me be your God, no other.

There is no other.

So let truth be.

Do not…

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Energies We’ve Channeled That Are All Around You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very capable of handling all of the energies that come to us from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensions, as well as the energies that come directly from Source. We often receive energies that we then send along to all of you. We are very much like the energy healers that you have there on Earth. They also receive energies from the higher-dimensional planes, run those energies through their bodies, and then deliver them to another person or persons.

We know that the energies we receive are for you, because we know what you are asking for. We also know how to recalibrate those energies, based on your very last moment in existence. We are that responsive to your needs and your desires, and we are just one group of many who are…

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