Return of the Light – 3 Messages & Joseph – AA Metatron

AA Metatron – The Return of the Light

Amanda Ellis

A powerful video spilt into three parts all under the umbrella energy of ‘Return to the Light’, and with New Moon in Scorpio as our back drop, although the messages here are timeless:

02:47 Part 1 – Death & Rebirth, Transformation & Awakening – Jostling for position both sides of the veil linked to this ‘Earth Game’ – a wave of souls leaving and an influx coming in – passing the ‘baton of light’

16:52 Part 2- Daily Spiritual Practice and Channeling Joseph Father of Jesus – mentioning non-ego, being written out of the gospels, his match making with Mary Magdalene. Having our backs, being the rudder and the look-out in our lives as our ‘boat’ is on fire and we say goodbye to an old life and shadow aspects.

34:47 Part 3 – Protection, Control energies and not giving in to fear – mentioning Mary Magdalene, Joseph and current examples in the news regards not living in fear or being a puppet on strings…

“Joseph” was an incarnation of the Ascended Master St. Germain…