Guidance Through The Storm; #8

the celestial team

A deeply loving hello to You from the celestial team.

We feel the intensity of your frequencies now, and so we want to say, “Yes, we feel them! We see You! We are right here watching!” Not only watching, in truth… we are WITH You.

Throughout the harsh gale of divisiveness that has been ripping through your collective, we have been WITH You. Teach yourSelf to FEEL for our frequencies when You need comforting, Beloved!

We know that You feel fragmented and weary now. That is to be expected. It could not have been otherwise. When those who seek power over others are given undo influence, the ensuing havoc is always commensurate with the amount of influence that was given to them.

We repeat. The havoc that ensues when any one of You seeks power over others as a means to feel powerful is dependent on how many others collude…

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WaterSpeak 11.14.20

Reflections of Riverman

WaterSpeak Message…

Blessing the Waters and the Trees along the Androscoggin River in Maine


Before We were seen by any human

We lived in perfect flow and perfect balance.


We call to Your Heart

to remember to see us, once again

as a small child with eyes and hearts wide open.


Our relationship needs healing

and remember to

Teach Your Children Well



~ Riverman 11.14.20

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Grief Before Growth | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

Some of you may be hearing and/or feeling the keening grief of what is passing.  My dearest child, if you feel like keening along, then give yourself that deeply deserved release.  This transformation is necessary for greater growth and change.  There may be challenging moments ahead but, The Universe always supports and loves you throughout the process. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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New Moon in Scorpio: Dreams, a Trojan War T-Square, and Peace

Laura Bruno's Blog

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! The November 15, 2020 New Moon occurs at 12:07 a.m. Eastern US time, at 23° 17′ Scorpio. Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol for Scorpio 24° (always round up for Sabian Symbols) is:



KEYNOTE:The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living.

Today we hear a great deal about “peak experiences” (Maslow). The great problem facing everyone who has had such experiences is how to assimilate what has been felt, seen or heard, and how to let it transform his everyday consciousness and behavior. If this is not done the experience may turn confusing or toxic and perhaps destructive of the integrity of the person.

This fourth symbol as usual suggests to us what has to be done or how to do it…

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Lee Harris: Finding Balance in Disorienting Times

Finding Balance in Disorienting Times

Lee Harris Energy

Lee offers insights from his guides, The ‘Zs’, on the nature of this chaotic time in our history and some tools for finding balance in what can often feel like rough waters as our world continues to shift and change in ways we have never before experienced, in this clip from the October Energy Tune-Up broadcast for his monthly members community, The Portal.

Return of the Light – 3 Messages & Joseph – AA Metatron

AA Metatron – The Return of the Light

Amanda Ellis

A powerful video spilt into three parts all under the umbrella energy of ‘Return to the Light’, and with New Moon in Scorpio as our back drop, although the messages here are timeless:

02:47 Part 1 – Death & Rebirth, Transformation & Awakening – Jostling for position both sides of the veil linked to this ‘Earth Game’ – a wave of souls leaving and an influx coming in – passing the ‘baton of light’

16:52 Part 2- Daily Spiritual Practice and Channeling Joseph Father of Jesus – mentioning non-ego, being written out of the gospels, his match making with Mary Magdalene. Having our backs, being the rudder and the look-out in our lives as our ‘boat’ is on fire and we say goodbye to an old life and shadow aspects.

34:47 Part 3 – Protection, Control energies and not giving in to fear – mentioning Mary Magdalene, Joseph and current examples in the news regards not living in fear or being a puppet on strings…

“Joseph” was an incarnation of the Ascended Master St. Germain…

Downloads, Upgrades & Activations Leading to Dec. 21st ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are watching and waiting for the right opportunities to bring you even more of the downloads, upgrades & activations that you have been asking for and that we know you need to thrive there on Earth. We are always willing to give, but you have to be available to receive what we are giving. We know that December 21st will be one of those times where we will have the opportunity to share with you more of what you’ve been asking for, because you will be ready. You will be expecting something big, and that expectation opens you up, puts you in a state where you are more receptive.

Then there’s all the time in between now and then, where we will have to look for the opportunities. One of the reasons why we…

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