MSM: Questions to Ask Yourself

Mainstream Media: Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Lorie Ladd

The consciousness behind mainstream media is fear, control, manipulation, and greed. See beyond the people and observe the consciousness there. It has been an abusive relationship. Gaslighting and manipulation, emotional abuse… we are being groomed as in an abusive relationship… The media tells you not to trust your inner feelings. The MSM divides you from other people, from the truth, from your truth. So, you develop cognitive dissonance… confusion…

Is there one narrative that the MSM is currently giving us? Or are they providing us with multiple narratives? Why is there only one narrative?

Is the MSM objective or subjective?

Why are people “conspiracy theorists”, censored, or crazy if they are not following the MSM narrative?

How does it feel when you are listening to the MSM? Fearful, anxiety, worried, disempowered, angry?

These large collective systems are holding us in lower frequency consciousness. These have to be seen so these consciousnesses can be shifted into higher consciousness.

You can choose to step out of the MSM narrative. You have to see the large collective consciousnesses in order to shift them.