MSM: Questions to Ask Yourself

Mainstream Media: Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Lorie Ladd

The consciousness behind mainstream media is fear, control, manipulation, and greed. See beyond the people and observe the consciousness there. It has been an abusive relationship. Gaslighting and manipulation, emotional abuse… we are being groomed as in an abusive relationship… The media tells you not to trust your inner feelings. The MSM divides you from other people, from the truth, from your truth. So, you develop cognitive dissonance… confusion…

Is there one narrative that the MSM is currently giving us? Or are they providing us with multiple narratives? Why is there only one narrative?

Is the MSM objective or subjective?

Why are people “conspiracy theorists”, censored, or crazy if they are not following the MSM narrative?

How does it feel when you are listening to the MSM? Fearful, anxiety, worried, disempowered, angry?

These large collective systems are holding us in lower frequency consciousness. These have to be seen so these consciousnesses can be shifted into higher consciousness.

You can choose to step out of the MSM narrative. You have to see the large collective consciousnesses in order to shift them.

The Truth of the Matter: How the Goddess changes everything

Koyopa Rising

My mission and purpose is to help you awaken THAT which I awakened – Presence, or the Divine Guide within. This blog is an ever-evolving expression of the I AM in me. However, I see that this website-platform shall be metamorphosing in the coming weeks. My intent will be that it reflects less in specifics of my life-before and more in the Presence that continues to enliven within and through me. Basically, I will get to the Truth of the matter – the Goddess within.

For those who have followed my work over the years, I am deeply grateful. I also want to say that if you choose to join me in my work moving forward, you will see a fundamental shift.

I have sufficiently integrated my lifelong contact with “other,” the Presence that arrived in many forms to essentially shake things up. What I once thought as a curse…

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New Moon in Scorpio 14 November 2020 Re-Birth — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

‘The birth of Aphrodite’ By Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky 1887 {{PD}} The New Moon perfects at 9:07 PM PST of the 14th at 23 Scorpio 17; this meeting takes place after both bodies have, relatively recently, conjoined Juno (the Moon within hours, the Sun about 5 days before). This suggests that the New Moon new start […]

New Moon in Scorpio 14 November 2020 Re-Birth — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Rebellious Thoughts While Observing Elinor Ostrom’s New Statue — Exopermaculture

On today’s walk with puppy Shadow, we passed by the newly installed Elinor Ostrom statue in front of Woodburn Hall on the Indiana University. campus. Ostrom was a hero to many people, including myself. I met her once, in 2005, not long after after I had completed a full year of conscious grieving in solitude…

Rebellious Thoughts While Observing Elinor Ostrom’s New Statue —

Decisions | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

You may make decisions for yourself and not know if they are the right ones. Feel into your heart. A decision that resonates with your soul will put an end to the turmoil within and bring a sense of peace; this The Universe agreeing with you. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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If You’re A ‘Truth Seeker’ That’s Upset With ‘Sheeple’ Then This Is For You

If You’re A ‘Truth Seeker’ That’s Upset With ‘Sheeple’ Then This Is For You

Collective Evolution

The Facts: Often times, we can get caught up in anger and judgement when we feel we are ‘more awake’ than others. This leads to conversations that can be abrasive and aggressive. Does this begin to divide people?

Reflect On: Do you find yourself arguing with people about worldly truth? Do you view people as ‘sheeple?’ Are you consistently angry at people for their beliefs and understandings? Does it connect people when we approach conversations in this way?

We’re in a time where truth is coming to the surface, and it can be frustrating and infuriating to learn about some of what is going on in our world. Whether it’s deception, manipulation or issues that affect current events, it’s a high time for digging into truth. But what happens when we don’t work to process the emotions mentioned about that can often come from learning about this stuff? What if we simply let them linger?

Before you jump in and say “this sounds like New Age BS”, allow me to say: there’s no room for New Age BS here at CE, we concern ourselves with solving our collective challenges by shifting consciousness and action, not through passivity. But that means we have to take an honest look at ourselves, and our means by which we attempt to create change to understand what it truly takes to make it happen.

Being a part of the alternative media community for 10 years now, I have seen a great deal of anger, aggression, and judgment towards those who aren’t “waking up’ from those who are ‘awake’. I feel there is a lot to discuss when it comes to ‘awake’ vs ‘un-awake’, but that’s a discussion for another time.

We might often hear or see the terms ‘sheeple’ or ‘zombies’ when describing the average person who may not be aware that mainstream media is not delivering the truth to the public. I feel this form of judgement creates unnecessary divides amongst people where we move into a state that is often seen in those with societal power; they believe they are above others and therefore look down upon those who are not aware of something.*

* Editor’s Note: A prime example of arrogance and hubris… excessive pride, which has nothing to do with spirituality, but a lot to do with ego-control.

The meme below is a great example of the kind of stuff that often goes around. I’m one who loves jokes, and I see nothing wrong with most jokes, but the tricky part is, many people truly see their fellow humans in limiting and negative lights, and I feel it’s time to reflect on that.

One thing you’ll often notice in these situations is, the moment there is a power gap in someone thinking they are more awake than another, the tone, language and intention of the person trying to ‘awaken’ the other changes. At any sight of resistance from the other, the ‘awake’ person may begin their attack. The ‘un-awake’ person might move into a mode of being defensive of their position, causing the other person to attempt to convince heavily and will often berating the other for not understanding lies that we have been told as the masses. This turns into a distasteful conversation where no one moves anywhere because the security system in both people’s minds have gone off!

On one hand, the warning signal from the ‘un-awake’ person is saying “this person is crazy, don’t listen to them, hold onto your beliefs or you will end up like them!” On the other hand, the ‘awake’ person feels threatened and their alarm system starts saying “Hold onto your belief and position! This person is trying to shut you up!”

In either case, clarity and common ground cannot be found. So the question becomes, does exposing truth in an aggressive and alarming manner help to wake people up? Or is it widening the gap between those seeing the truth and those still unaware of it? If our number one goal is to help awaken people, shouldn’t we look for the most effective way to do that, and do it?

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Opinions Aside | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Strong opinions are often held as fact. Sometimes others’ strong opinion and assumptions shake you and make you shrink. They don’t sway your heart of truth, but they don’t leave room for your truth to raise its head either.

A louder voice is not stronger. It is just louder. An opinion voiced loudly is only an opinion expressed a decibel louder.

Truth is more silent. Truth is silent in its strength.

Stay true to yourself. And make sure that you are not one who gives opinions as pronouncements.

Oh, the intricacies of the world! When a voice is louder than yours, you are left not knowing when to speak up or when to keep silent. It is not for you to set someone straight, yet it is not for you to not be heard either.

When someone sees differently from you, you are taken aback. No one lives…

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