X22 Report, 11 Nov 2020


The [DS]/CB are now making their move to reset the entire global economic system. Dark Winter is a cover story for their plan. The plan is make people think their is a resurgence of the virus which will lead to lockdowns. These lockdowns will destroy the global economy. The MSM are preparing the people for this.

“Dark Winter” is an operation where they use a “virus” as a cover-up for their financial “reset”. “They” would use a second-wave and then a third-wave of the ‘virus’ to start an economic lockdown to initiate this operation — the United States needs to be on board, but Trump is not. This is a plan by the central bankers to control the world. Biden is their man, which is why MSM is pushing Biden’s ‘win’. This ultimate ‘plan’ will initiate the removal of all human rights including the right to private property. Diabolical. The private Western bankers need the US to make this happen because their system is imploding. Normally, the bankers would have a war, but that didn’t happen, so…

The Central Bankers are going to fight.

The MSM are preparing the people for this (for the [CB] ‘Dark Winter’. The [DS]/MSM and the [CB] have now been trapped by Trump and the patriots. Their plan was not to about an election, not about keeping everything the same, it’s about bringing the entire corrupt, diseased system down on the establishment. The entire plan has been created to take it all down. Timing is everything the world is watching.

The election was rigged. Trump has trapped the DS by their own arrogance. The DS players are beginning to panic as they realize Trump has the proof of election fraud. Now, MSM is reverting back to the narrative of a ‘second-wave’ of the ‘virus’, but Trump and the Patriots knew the DS plan… Mark Esper has been fired. Trump has the military behind him. Biden has all the big tech companies behind him — they are trying to block all coverage of the election fraud. They put their fraud operation when they saw the numbers were all going to Trump…