Steel Truth – NSC Whistleblower Rich Higgins Exposes the DS, et al…

NSC Whistleblower Rich Higgins EXPOSES the DeepState , Charlie Ward, Juan O’Savin Drop BOMBS!

Steel Truth

REAL NEWS not Fake!

  • Blockchain technology was used during the election and recorded the REAL results
  • Pennsylvania was removed from Biden’s “winning” list
  • Dominion technology
  • MSM does not have the right to declare a winner – attempted coup by the DS coup committed against the American people
  • Republicans won 28 out of 29 open positions in the House seats
  • 30 states had Dominion technology – tech “glitch” flipped votes to Biden
  • Clinton Global Initiative has an interest in Dominion, as does a former aide of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein’s husband.
  • Recorded vote flipping to Biden in Michigan
  • Orchestrated coup against the voters…
  • State legislatures make the voting laws not judges
  • Pennsylvania violated Constitutional law
  • POTUS may have to initiate the Insurrection Act
  • etc.