Charlie Freak: Explaining the US Election Fraud, 7 Nov 2020

Charlie Freak: Explaining the US Election Fraud, 7 Nov 2020


Get your popcorn! You’re watching a MOVIE!

Charlie Freak went LIVE on YouTube to give a detailed and Heartfelt video on making sense out of the US Presidential Election, and the Q Team’s Plan to bring down the Mainstream Media, Big Tech and the Democratic Party as the Major Players of the Cabal designed to DIVIDE US, instead of Uniting us…

Charlie shared great details about President Trump and the Q Team and their plan to draw the MS Media and the Democrats in with their attempt to steal the Election away from Goodliness and Godliness…and encouraged us all, just as President Donald Trump has done and will continue to do, to turn the other cheek from all of the verbal assaults coming from the “other side”, because there IS NO OTHER SIDE…there is only us, the Children of God…we are all one, and we must become the leaders to help those that legitimately saw the Democrats and “Liberal” politicians as sincerely trying to help, and who believed that the Mainstream Media told us the Truth about our reality…we must Innerstand how and why they were fooled (b/c it happened to us as well), and help them with beginning to connect to the Truth of All things, which leads us Within ourselves and to God…

So, with that, sit back, RELAX and enjoy the video and if it is possible, consider supporting Colleen and I here in Mexico as we continue daily to expand and grow, through the Vibration of Love, our Animal Rescue Shelter. We have now reached 45 rescued animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Goats, Possums, Birds) and our costs of maintaining this beautiful facility have grown far beyond what Colleen and I can maintain on our own. Only through your kindness and generosity will we be able to continue our vital efforts to give LIFE to all of these precious creations of God! You can donate to us either through PayPal or Patreon by following the links provided below! Thank you!