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Rainbow Wave of Light

One of the most critical things you will learn in your lifetime is how to balance reality with expectation. The Universe would like to make perfectly clear that expectation is vastly different from manifestation.

Manifestation engages your active participation in creating a world in which you want to live.

Expectation is assuming you will be treated a certain way simply because you believe it should happen.

Today, you are being invited to look at your expectations and see how many are valid.  If you find they are not, it is time make some changes; release and begin manifesting a different reality for yourself. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Open to New Ways | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Dear Beloveds, what you feel matters, but it is insignificant.

Remember that what you feel and following your heart are not equivalent. It is My heart you follow. And My heart does not get caught on the little things that enter and surround your feelings. Consider your feelings no more and no less than ego. If they are only yours, they are ego.

That which does not belong to Me is ego. Call it what you will. Call it sensitivity. Call it honor. Call it respect. If it is not Mine, it is ego.

Abandon your ego. It is not your strength. It is your weakness.

I am your strength.

Embrace Me, not ego.

I am your Champion. Ego is not. Ego is for itself, not you.

I am for you.

Let Me be your God, no other.

There is no other.

So let truth be.

Do not…

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X22 Report, 6 November 2020


The economy is snapping back, jobless claims are down, the market is up, precious metals are up, the markets know. The Fed is completely controlled, they will not make any changes, they will keep the stimulus and the rates unchanged. They can’t move left, right, up or down. Trump and the patriots are in full control.

Trump will counter the ‘global reset’ — the US is NOT involved with the globalist organizations.


The [DS]/MSM fell right into the trap, they had this planned and they needed RGB to carry it out. They never expected her to pass. Now, they needed to go full steam ahead and push their plan as hard as possible. The problem is, the patriots set them up, they are now catching them in the act; this is a sting operation. Trump has been blocked many times on social media and now there are calls to ban him. EAS is now on deck.

This is not about four years, one election; it is about the future of this country. The DS/MSM is being exposed. The Great Awakening has just begun. This is about removing the power from the DS/MSM. This is all part of the Plan.

EAS = Emergency Alert System

Deer Moon Astrology 11/6/2020


Self-confidence wanes a bit even though the atmosphere is activating. Instinct may take over and carry us through today’s gauntlet that makes open communication challenging and our inspiration constrained. There are increasing demands for some kind of equitable arrangement but stable and reliable agreements seems to be upended by impulsive activity and indecision. However, by the end of the day we are likely to find some sense of structure upon which we can build new arrangements and reach equitable agreements. The Moon is void-of-course this evening from 5:26 PM PST until 11:18 PM PST.

The Cancer moon faces off with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn this morning and throughout the day, bringing up emotions that are rooted deep in the psyche. We may be feeling emotionally raw from personal or political events, and a square between Mercury and Saturn could leave us feeling as though our voices are being restricted.

In the afternoon, a t-square forms…

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3D & 5D Perspective on the Election

3D & 5D Perspective On The Elec…tion… from one perspective…

Lorie Ladd

We are literally peeling ourselves out of a 3D matrix divide…

This is about being able to hold yourself in higher states of consciousness as you observe the current happenings.

Shine your Light for the highest good for all people by opening up your heart. We want to shift the human collective into freedom, joy, and peace. If we stay in our heart centers, and we are pouring out this Light, the ENTIRE human collective will shift, no matter what perspective you have come from.