The Innerstanding Spirituality Show Episode #2 – Journey to the Inner Light

The Innerstanding Spirituality Show Episode #2 – Journey to the Inner Light


The Amazing Aloise Surfleet-Middleton and I came up with an idea for a new Youtube Live Series of Shows on Spirituality and so much more…the Alchemical Process of Rising Up into Heaven Upon Earth, or into our 5D form…and our 1st thought together was to BEG Josh X to be a part of it…thankfully, Josh said “Yes”…

This Podcast series is designed to make YOU, the Listener, a major part of the show, by asking your questions, and then weekly bringing various Listeners on the show to directly Chat with us…this is Show #2 entitled, The Journey to the Inner Light, which encapsulates this 7-stage pilgrimage that we must all eventually take if we wish to Ascend into our Crystalline Self, our 5D form, our True Alkaline State of Balance and Harmony between two worlds…and it begins with the Death of the Ego (which we featured in Part One of these series), which is the Left Brain…we must Slay the Dragon so that we can Rescue that “Damsel in Distress”, and escort her back up the Aisle to that Highest Part of the Castle where the One, True King awaits her…so, sit back, relax and enjoy this Mind Expanding conversation with Aloise, Josh X and I…CF