Letting Go of the Shore | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

From whence cometh your help? I AM here. And yet help comes from you, and it comes from your thoughts.
Have the thought that you don’t need help. Whatever occurs, wanted or unwanted, you are already being helped to grow. You are being stretched, beloveds. You are reaching further.
Whatever you perceive as trouble, do not wrap yourself around it. As best you can, do not embrace it. Observe, and send it along its way.
There is nothing you have to hold to yourself. How can you cross the ocean unless you let go of the shore? Tethered to land, how can you sail?
In prayer, you may be holding on to what you don’t want. Come from strength, for you are strong. You have weathered many storms. Seen from one angle, the clouds are enormous. Seen from another, they are not so threatening…

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