CIRF Report – The Pressure Builds!

Pressure Builds! Grand Trine vs T-Squares. How to CIRF 11/5 to 11/11

National Dream Center

Last week’s influences led to a crescendo of chaos and confusion… the Presidential Election.

  1. Astrological influences – Trines, Squares, oppositions, sextiles, etc…
  2. Dream Bot – Collective unconsciousness – “Children”, “Hi!”, “biking”, “curious”
  3. Linguistic Sets can accurately ‘predict’ the future: lake, key, military
  4. I Ching
  5. Influences – Pressure leading to a breakthrough
  6. Solution – Determination, don’t jump on every opportunity, prioritize, use discretion. Gate of ambition, inner authority, higher purpose… (go to end of video to get more details!)