What Does The Divide Teach Us?

What Does The Divide Teach Us?

Lorie Ladd

The present divide is an opportunity to move into Unified Field. Baby steps, folks, baby steps.

  1. Can you see the Divide?
  2. Can I observe myself in the Divide?
  3. Am I creating the Divide – you are making fun of others, you are bullying them, you are making them wrong and you right OR are you allowing them to keep their truth and you have yours?
  4. Can I hold my Truth while others are holding theirs?
  5. Can I speak my Truth with an open heart, compassion, and empathy?
  6. Can I remember this is an opportunity to unify not divide
  7. How would I respond if I understand this is an opportunity to unify?

This is very ‘gray’. You may not be able to remain in neutrality when witnessing abuse. Start with what you CAN unify with others…