Patriot Intel Report, 3 Nov 2020

Patriot Intel Report, 3 Nov 2020


Geopolitical: If Trump wins 320 Electoral votes or above, he has won, even if all of the mail-in votes have not been counted. Per the Constitution, the votes have to be COUNTED by 12 Midnight on Election Day.

The vote will be contested, the violence in cities blamed on Trump supporters, but none of this will work.

Sidney Powell may be the new FBI Director. She will clean up the mess. She supports law and order. She is apolitical according to the law. Director Wray may be fired after the polls close tonight. Stuff is going to start.

Chaos from the Marxists. If at least five cities light up, Trump may institute the Insurrection Act. The Marxists have come out, they have been exposed, their plans have been laid out.