Epic Dream: A Journey through the Grey, and the End of Presidents and Politics

Koyopa Rising

First off, it is election day in America. The gist of this dream is that everything is going to be okay… eventually. Oh, and don’t get trapped in the grey.

Before I share my epic night-before-election dream, I must note that the same thing happened four years ago. A few months before the 2016 election, I was also handed a “suggestion of the future” in a dream.

I’m in a crowd. A man moves briskly towards me and passes a small slip of paper into my left hand. He disappears into the crowd. Very covert. I open the slip of paper and in penciled writing, it says, “Trump is next president.”

Dream Journal, Sept 2016 (I just posted on Twitter that it was a few days before. Actually, it was a few months.)

Pretty short and sweet, right? Last night was definitely not a short dream. It wasn’t about the…

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