Ascension Symptoms Happening Right Now – Christina Lopes

Ascension Symptoms Happening Right Now

Christina Lopes


  • Trigger – ‘on’ switch, depends on the individual, starts within awakening process
  • The ‘purge’ – your body begins to release everything that no longer resonates
  • The process is your body, all the way down into your cellular level, the cells begin to make ‘room’ for the new light to come in
  • Your Light Quotient begins to increase in Step 3, your body has more room to hold the new energy, as your LQ goes up, you are beginning the process of ascension
  • Ascension DOES NOT make you ‘better’ than someone else; your value is inherent before, during, and after ascension

We’re being bombarded with Light, the energy is more accelerated, intense… our bodies (what is made of matter) are having some difficulty changing. Your body has extra work in order to adjust to a higher quantity of Light.

Ascension is NOT a Spiritual Emergency

Top Symptoms of Ascension:

  1. EXHAUSTION – you feel tired to the bone
  2. OTHER PHYSICAL ISSUES: the list is long…
    1. Water retention, bloating, weight gain – allows the body to conduct energy through the purging stage
    2. Two main body systems are affected by ascension
      1. Nervous system – meditator between Spirit world and the physical world – your nervous system becomes MORE sensitized. The walls behind the spirit and physical worlds are thinned, so you can pick up on subtleties. Nervous system is on overdrive (panic attacks, etc.)
      2. Immune system – heavily affected during the PURGING process; will experience temporary inflammation issues, joint pain
    3. DISCONNECTION – your energy system unplugs from an energy grid, multiple energy grids of different frequencies. You are always plugged into a grid, just depends on your frequency. Your energy will no longer resonate with the old energy grid… sometimes it takes awhile to fit into a new grid. This process can be very jarring, losing friends, family… etc.
    4. DISORIENTATION – when you feel totally disoriented, indecisive, confused for a period of time. If you have unplugged from your old energy grid, life can seem surreal causing some disorientation. You are becoming a ‘new’ person…
    5. GRIEF and SORROW – new symptom, the person is thinking the grief is due to something that happened in the external world. This grief is due (related) to the disconnect process. You feel sorrow and grief because you have left behind something you have identified with for a long time. It can feel like you have died or there has been a death… You have unplugged from the known.
    6. HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION – unique symptom that is occurring NOW. We are entering into the AGE OF THE HEART, so your Heart Center has to EXPAND and OPEN.
      1. When the heart begins to open, it seems to engulf all of the energy centers; it is the UNIFICATION of all the chakras into one.
      2. You have more compassion, tenderness, and gentleness
      3. You can actually have physical heart symptoms (people can feel their heart beat, anxiety, fluttering, palpitations, etc.)
      1. INSTABILITY – geopolitical, cultural, political turmoil, climate extremes, fires in the West Coast – caused by the incoming LIGHT coming onto the planet; systems are destabilized by this incoming LIGHT (purging phase on the Collective Level – Shadow Work)
      2. POLARIZATION – this occurs when the energies polarized BEFORE they balance and return to the CENTER and rests (in neutral). Rise in polarized extreme political movements. “Where have all the moderates go?” Polarization can be seen in any system… or collective. Eventually everything will harmonize


  1. GROUND – incorporate grounding practices into your life
    1. Barefoot in nature, ‘earthing’, sitting down on the Earth
    2. Drumming and dancing, activity involving your body
    3. Deep breathing exercises / techniques, brings you into the body
    4. Meditation, grounding… being IN your body
    5. Being in NATURE, camping, hiking, as much as possible, connected to TREES
    6. Use slow movement like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, the slower the movement
    1. Use prayer, mantras to increase your heart coherence
    2. Mala bead meditation
    3. Heart Math Institute meditations and tools – Heart Coherence Meditation
    4. Compassion Meditation (Center for Healthy Minds)
    5. To have a heart-centered, mindfulness practice
    1. Seeking out people who are going through the same process
      1. physically, classes, seminar
      2. online, you connect via social media
      3. calms your system if you realize that others are going through a similar process
    1. You must take care of your body
    2. Your physical body has a really hard time with ascension
    3. The body is being TAXED by this process
    4. NUTRITION, healthy diet, decrease meat consumption, more plants, vegies, fruit
    7. A LOT OF SLEEP, sleep well, naps
    8. EXERCISE, light exercise, yoga, walks, jog, tailor it for the ascension process
    9. FASTING, intermittent fasting or full-fast, water fast (please don’t exaggerate the fasting due to ungrounding)