Message from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: Embrace Your Divinity ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ November 3, 2020

Our Emerging Divinity

Channeled and Presented by Fran Zepeda 11.1.20

Greetings, Beloveds, I AM Yeshua. I AM Mary Magdalene. Together we embrace you with Eternal Love and Respect.

This is a time of all times; this is a time of all measures to bring you once again to your true form and true life. We beseech you to not focus on all the feelings of fear and concern as you watch and experience the dismantling, the destruction, and the chaos.

For this is the only way to build a new way of Being, a new way of Living, a new way of Perceiving, a new way of Existing.

It may feel like you are like a tree in Fall, and all the leaves of your life are dying off. However, what is building and what is unseen, like the tree, is new life force to emerge anew when the time is right, and…

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Healing Souls Blue Moon of Grounding and Transformation ~ Festival of Lights Full Moon October 31, 2020

Journey of Illumination

Spiritual Meaning of the October 31st, 2020 Ascension Mastery* Message of the Full Moon with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

A Blue Moon in October Has Arrived ~ Saturday, October 31st, 2020 with the Moon in Taurus in conjunction with the Sun in Scorpio at 7:49 AM Pacific, 10:49 AM Eastern with Universal Time of 5:49 PM. It is the second full moon for the month of October and brings with it divine energies to assist humanity.

The energies of Taurus with the moon brings forth an earthly experience to extend the energies of the New Moon of Libra which gave us the ability to create a foundation of our four-body system by grounding the energies. This exchanges allows us to feel an emotional fulfillment through simple pleasures that are more tangible in our lives.

The mixture of the Sun is Transformative…

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Epic Dream: A Journey through the Grey, and the End of Presidents and Politics

Koyopa Rising

First off, it is election day in America. The gist of this dream is that everything is going to be okay… eventually. Oh, and don’t get trapped in the grey.

Before I share my epic night-before-election dream, I must note that the same thing happened four years ago. A few months before the 2016 election, I was also handed a “suggestion of the future” in a dream.

I’m in a crowd. A man moves briskly towards me and passes a small slip of paper into my left hand. He disappears into the crowd. Very covert. I open the slip of paper and in penciled writing, it says, “Trump is next president.”

Dream Journal, Sept 2016 (I just posted on Twitter that it was a few days before. Actually, it was a few months.)

Pretty short and sweet, right? Last night was definitely not a short dream. It wasn’t about the…

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Ascension Symptoms Happening Right Now – Christina Lopes

Ascension Symptoms Happening Right Now

Christina Lopes


  • Trigger – ‘on’ switch, depends on the individual, starts within awakening process
  • The ‘purge’ – your body begins to release everything that no longer resonates
  • The process is your body, all the way down into your cellular level, the cells begin to make ‘room’ for the new light to come in
  • Your Light Quotient begins to increase in Step 3, your body has more room to hold the new energy, as your LQ goes up, you are beginning the process of ascension
  • Ascension DOES NOT make you ‘better’ than someone else; your value is inherent before, during, and after ascension

We’re being bombarded with Light, the energy is more accelerated, intense… our bodies (what is made of matter) are having some difficulty changing. Your body has extra work in order to adjust to a higher quantity of Light.

Ascension is NOT a Spiritual Emergency

Top Symptoms of Ascension:

  1. EXHAUSTION – you feel tired to the bone
  2. OTHER PHYSICAL ISSUES: the list is long…
    1. Water retention, bloating, weight gain – allows the body to conduct energy through the purging stage
    2. Two main body systems are affected by ascension
      1. Nervous system – meditator between Spirit world and the physical world – your nervous system becomes MORE sensitized. The walls behind the spirit and physical worlds are thinned, so you can pick up on subtleties. Nervous system is on overdrive (panic attacks, etc.)
      2. Immune system – heavily affected during the PURGING process; will experience temporary inflammation issues, joint pain
    3. DISCONNECTION – your energy system unplugs from an energy grid, multiple energy grids of different frequencies. You are always plugged into a grid, just depends on your frequency. Your energy will no longer resonate with the old energy grid… sometimes it takes awhile to fit into a new grid. This process can be very jarring, losing friends, family… etc.
    4. DISORIENTATION – when you feel totally disoriented, indecisive, confused for a period of time. If you have unplugged from your old energy grid, life can seem surreal causing some disorientation. You are becoming a ‘new’ person…
    5. GRIEF and SORROW – new symptom, the person is thinking the grief is due to something that happened in the external world. This grief is due (related) to the disconnect process. You feel sorrow and grief because you have left behind something you have identified with for a long time. It can feel like you have died or there has been a death… You have unplugged from the known.
    6. HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION – unique symptom that is occurring NOW. We are entering into the AGE OF THE HEART, so your Heart Center has to EXPAND and OPEN.
      1. When the heart begins to open, it seems to engulf all of the energy centers; it is the UNIFICATION of all the chakras into one.
      2. You have more compassion, tenderness, and gentleness
      3. You can actually have physical heart symptoms (people can feel their heart beat, anxiety, fluttering, palpitations, etc.)
      1. INSTABILITY – geopolitical, cultural, political turmoil, climate extremes, fires in the West Coast – caused by the incoming LIGHT coming onto the planet; systems are destabilized by this incoming LIGHT (purging phase on the Collective Level – Shadow Work)
      2. POLARIZATION – this occurs when the energies polarized BEFORE they balance and return to the CENTER and rests (in neutral). Rise in polarized extreme political movements. “Where have all the moderates go?” Polarization can be seen in any system… or collective. Eventually everything will harmonize


  1. GROUND – incorporate grounding practices into your life
    1. Barefoot in nature, ‘earthing’, sitting down on the Earth
    2. Drumming and dancing, activity involving your body
    3. Deep breathing exercises / techniques, brings you into the body
    4. Meditation, grounding… being IN your body
    5. Being in NATURE, camping, hiking, as much as possible, connected to TREES
    6. Use slow movement like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, the slower the movement
    1. Use prayer, mantras to increase your heart coherence
    2. Mala bead meditation
    3. Heart Math Institute meditations and tools – Heart Coherence Meditation
    4. Compassion Meditation (Center for Healthy Minds)
    5. To have a heart-centered, mindfulness practice
    1. Seeking out people who are going through the same process
      1. physically, classes, seminar
      2. online, you connect via social media
      3. calms your system if you realize that others are going through a similar process
    1. You must take care of your body
    2. Your physical body has a really hard time with ascension
    3. The body is being TAXED by this process
    4. NUTRITION, healthy diet, decrease meat consumption, more plants, vegies, fruit
    7. A LOT OF SLEEP, sleep well, naps
    8. EXERCISE, light exercise, yoga, walks, jog, tailor it for the ascension process
    9. FASTING, intermittent fasting or full-fast, water fast (please don’t exaggerate the fasting due to ungrounding)

November 3, 2020, morning tweet themes: Changing (sides), Cheating, and 3D/5D Chess — Exopermaculture

I sit here, checking my twitter feed, with my bedroom/study door closed. Unusual to have door closed, unless I’m napping. So why? Because, once again, my new housemate is making calls to get out the vote for Biden, and I am privy to every word. Her voice resounds through the walls of my room next…

November 3, 2020, morning tweet themes: Changing (sides), Cheating, and 3D/5D Chess —

The Passing of Indian Summer

Humoring the Goddess

I love Indian Summers.

For those who live in a perpetual warm climate year round, an Indian Summer is a  period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs in autumn in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere during September to November.

It’s a beautiful time.

The days are warm and often sunny, the nights chilly and clear. The air seems to sparkle with highlights that still linger from hot summer days. 

Of course, here in the Midwest, the trees shine in glory with their pageant of the year, turning colors of gold and bronze and red and a warm, soft orange. They remind us that nothing lasts forever … beauty, vitality, all are in a moment’s glory. That as much as we wish it to be otherwise, life turns and twists and goes on.

Today is the madness of the election for the president of the United Sstates. Never in…

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What Does The Divide Teach Us?

What Does The Divide Teach Us?

Lorie Ladd

The present divide is an opportunity to move into Unified Field. Baby steps, folks, baby steps.

  1. Can you see the Divide?
  2. Can I observe myself in the Divide?
  3. Am I creating the Divide – you are making fun of others, you are bullying them, you are making them wrong and you right OR are you allowing them to keep their truth and you have yours?
  4. Can I hold my Truth while others are holding theirs?
  5. Can I speak my Truth with an open heart, compassion, and empathy?
  6. Can I remember this is an opportunity to unify not divide
  7. How would I respond if I understand this is an opportunity to unify?

This is very ‘gray’. You may not be able to remain in neutrality when witnessing abuse. Start with what you CAN unify with others…

US Election Day / Tips to Stay In Your Heart – Lorie Ladd

US Election Day | Tips To Stay In Your Heart

Lorie Ladd

Recognize what is being unraveling… recognize and observe it. Then, bring it into your body… and alchemicalize it.

The Divide will be getting ‘louder’, the anger, rage, and protests will be getting louder.

Come into your body… and send out your Light that can dissolve any anger, dispute, argument when sprinkled over Humanity.

Stop, breath, bring your awareness into your Heart Center, a powerful Portal. Visualize Source Energy or Love to emanate out from that Center and it will.

Eliza: Election Day 2020, Morning Walk with an Osprey

Osprey, Princess Place Preserve, Flagler County, Florida

Eliza: Election Day 2020 Morning Walk

Let go of your irrational fear. Learn how to work with this and challenge yourself to use this to your advantage.

~ Osprey ~

On my morning walk, I encountered an osprey.  That, in and of itself, is not a particularly unusual occurrence.  There is plenty of open water in Florida given all the ponds, lakes, marshes, and rivers present in the flat sandy regions of the state.  However, this osprey drew my attention to it as it perched briefly on a palm tree and then it flew off and made a large circle around where I was standing observing its beautiful gliding and powerful flight.  So, being cognizant that our animal friends often convey subtle messages to us through their appearance in dreams or real life, I felt compelled to look up the ‘meaning’ of the Osprey totem.

I have noted many ospreys while living in Florida and often see or hear them nearby.  They have a particular call that once known it is not necessary to actually see the bird; you just know they are close.  There has been a mating pair nesting in the vicinity of our household for at least three seasons and probably long before I arrived on the scene.  Osprey mate for life like eagles.

So, what does our Osprey have to convey to us today?


In this case, Osprey symbolism is asking you if you are feeling a little out of your comfort zone. In other words, the changes in you and around you have been a bit overwhelming of late. Thus, Osprey meaning is here to let you know that you can put your head under the emotional water and still survive. This spirit animal dictates that you must stop worrying about what other people think. As the Lizard, it’s only your ego that says they will notice anything in the first place.

Alternatively, Osprey symbolism may be reminding you to appreciate other people’s boundaries. Also, in doing so, make sure your boundaries are clear enough so that others can respect you. This bird also connects you to all aspects of Solar Worship. Therefore, its appearance in your life emphasizes the value and healing power of the sun.

The Osprey as a Totem, Spirit Animal:

People with the Osprey totem know how to go after what they want. They also know how to hold onto it once they get it. Thus, they can dive deeply into the pools of creativity and draw forth what they need to move forward. Like the Falcon, folks with this spirit animal have impeccable timing in all matters. They also know exactly when to grab at opportunities. These folks tend to treat others with a great deal of respect, regardless of how they feel about them. They always maintain their integrity even in a clash of wills with another.

Additional Associations with the Osprey: Authority, comfort zones, communication, connection, emotions, environmental awareness, freedom, honing the senses, keen Sight, lightning, Messenger, Moon, Power, Precise Timing, etc.

Cited from:

Having seen so many ospreys since arriving in Florida, I guess I could claim them as a totem… although I see a lot of birds here.  Still, when I hear one calling, I immediately become attentive, searching the sky and nearby trees to see where the osprey is located.  It calls to me like the Messenger it is.

It is Election Day in the United States, the date of one of the most important elections ever to have taken place in North America, bar none.  It is the day when the People have an opportunity to make their voices heard, to take back their Republic, to reinstitute (perhaps for the first time) true law and order, sovereignty for country and citizen alike, and to move the world towards the higher frequency golden age that has been long foretold by mystics and Seers.

Will everyone agree with the outcome of the Election?  Of course not, but it truly a fight between two opposing philosophies, one that would have the people under the thrall of an over-bearing government (1984) and the other, where the people would be in charge of their destiny, the country would be cut free of alien influences through the agents of the globalist interests of Europe and China (SERCO, The Pilgrim Society, agents for the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, et al).

The election outcome will, potentially, be hotly contested by the Marxists, who have, in the last four years have been allowed to run slip-shod over local and state governments, seemingly without any control being put forth to restore law and order.  Why?  This was intentional, as not everyone is clued into what the ultimate goal of the Marxist forces has been, through their penetration and infiltration into every level of society and institution, most especially mainstream media, social media, and education.  The former Democrat party has been revealed to be the new hold-out of extreme Left of Left Marxists and anarchists who want to bring the government down to its knees, strip the cities and communities of their police forces, rip up the Constitution, and remove all right to property from the people. 

Some idealists who believe in the basic ‘gentler’ ideals of communism (free this, free that) do not realize that all rights will be stripped from everyone who is not on the top of the pile… which will be the blood-line European globalists (the Venetians, the Cabal, the Illuminati, made up of bloodlines higher yet than their minions, the Rothschilds).  Those who do not bend the knee to these earthly powers, will have a choice, obey, submit, or die.  Grim choice, eh?

The American people and, indeed, anybody who gets their ‘news’ from major media sources is currently being heavily indoctrinated by globalist propaganda, which doesn’t in anyway resemble unbiased ‘news’.  It hasn’t for years, probably since the first televisions were produced during the 1950’s.  The ‘television’ tells ‘a vision’ or gives a narrative that people are just supposed to accept, no matter how outrageous.

Given that the last four or five years, the American citizenry has been deluged by a constant stream of hate and venom directed towards one solitary man, it begs common sense to declare that this is a normal occurrence even during a hotly contested presidential race.

This author was a lifetime liberal, intentionally voting for Democrats, at least until the advent of the presidential race where Obama ran.  I wondered, “Just where did he come from?” Good question… and one that all Americans should have been asking themselves.  When I witnessed him signing away the rights of American citizens through his executive orders, I kept questioning “What is going on?  Why is this man being so lauded when he does such hateful things against his own people?” It was then, I began to realize there was a dark game afoot to take down our nation.  That suspicion only grew stronger when I witnessed the massive attack against the candidate Trump. 

No, I did not vote for the man, then.  I refrained and chose a more neutral candidate, who ended up losing and thus, throwing away my vote.  And then, I started doing my own investigations and learned about the Alliance, ‘Q’, and a great deal of background information on what was really going on in this world… and had been for centuries.

So, now we have arrived at a turning point in world history where the people are waking up, driven to this point by the massive catalysts of the globalist plans aligned against their freedoms and against their very right to life.  Do we want to wear masks for the rest of our lives?  Do we want to forego natural human behavior to gather with our friends and families out of fear of being killed by a mere virus?  Our bodies are full of thousands, if not millions of viruses, which are not a living organism, merely bits of inert matter that, when within a living host has the ability to replicate itself.  Bacteria are also found in our bodies.  These tiny organisms play an important part in the digestion of our food.  If our bodies are in a slightly alkaline state and free of stress, our natural immune system will be strong enough to prevent the viruses and bacteria that live in and with us, from becoming opportunistic and taking over the body. Vaccines are not needed.

Questions arise when national health ‘authorities’ start spouting outright lies to the public.  What is going on?  Why are people reacting to the fear narratives like a bunch of lemmings being driven to the edge of a cliff due to overpopulation?  Mind-programming through media sources… which wasn’t available until even the poor could be connected through their cellphones and televisions, and thus, exposed to massive mind-programming world-wide.  And some people want to allow government or private agencies permission to chip them with Artificial Intelligence, AI?  No, thank you, that is crossing the line, from being a human being to something else.

Okay… you don’t have to agree with anything I have written above, but if you are an American and are not voting, you have missed a rare opportunity to make a statement that will impact your future and the future of the planet.

This is and has been, since the drowning of Atlantis and before, a fight between an alien force that wants to become gods in our minds and lives.  Humanity, in its drop in frequency had turned away from the Divine blueprint of what was meant for the planet and its inhabitants.  We are now, in the process, of regaining lost ground, slowly rising in frequency due to the presence among us of volunteers from other dimensions and star systems.  All of us presently wear human ‘suits’, but not all of our souls or soul fragments are truly Earth human.  Still, those who have volunteered to lend their higher light frequency as yeast to raise up the masses, are here out of love, compassion, and empathy. 

Many of the cultures who watch us struggle, rise, fall, pick ourselves up again, and rise, are ones who have already undergone their own struggles, fights, and trials by fire, water, and air, in the past.  They know and understand the courage it takes to buck the seemingly powerful forces of the globalists who have dominated, bullied, blackmailed, and corrupted those in power for centuries… We have a cheering section of Beings who are sending us Light and Love on a daily basis.  Will we let our Friends in high places be let down if we succumb once again to the lies and the threats?  Or are we willing to take back our personal and collective sovereignty and finally become full members of the Galaxy?

Courage, my friends.  You will begin to see in the days ahead the revelation of much darkness that has been long hidden by complicit local and world leaders, by media sources, by institutions, global companies, and ancient corrupt families.  And you will see revelations of beauty, hope, compassion, abundance for the greatest good of all finally being shown to everyone, the true Heart of Humanity revealed before God and His Angels.

I AM just one observer, witness, and participant in all that is going on.  Each of my readers, new and old, are others.  This is the beginning of a New Age, a Golden Age, the Satya Yuga of the ancient Vedic philosophers, who long ago arrived here from the ancient star culture of the Sirian Star Nation. 

Live free.  Be free.  Be Sovereign.  Know that you are Safe, no matter your present circumstances or state of being.  You are loved beyond your current human understanding, but in time, you will know this with every fibre of your body.

I send my blessings and love to All who are upon this planet, animal, rocks, plants, fish of the sea, and fowl of the air, and mostly, the humans in their extraordinary diversity. Whether or not you appreciate the fact, you are all truly blessed to be here NOW.

I AM Eliza

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,