Patriot Intel Report, 2 Nov 2020

Patriot Intel Report, 2 Nov 2020


Economics: No major changes up/down 10% or more. Markets up slightly. Cryptos down. We are entering challenging times…

Geopolitical/Energetics: Re-listen to Friday’s report from Laura Walker, The Oracle Report for the overlaying energetics. Roadmap for all the good things that are about to happen.

Trying, tumultuous times, but God wins!

Big geopolitical ‘thing’ = U.S. Election, Vote, vote, vote! May be the largest voter participation ever seen. Joe Biden will NOT concede. The Democrat governors will resist the count. Mail-in votes, fraud, etc. Trump will go after this, legally. The Marxist forces have vowed they will shut down Washington D.C. and other major cities all over the nation. Attempted revolutionary take-over. Federal gov’t. employees are conspiring with BLM, Antifa, and Marxist leaders to take over the government, part of the resistance! Treason & sedition. President may institute the insurrection act. DOJ has restrained themselves before the Election, but afterwards, the flood gates are about to OPEN. It’s here, NOW! This is important for everyone around the World. This Republic will NOT fall.

Earth Changes: 40 dead in El Salvador due to mudslides. Severe weather, cold in North America. Hurricane Eta in Caribbean Sea. Super typhoon in the Philippines.

Tip of Day: Preparation. Possible disruptions to electricity, emergency communications, food supplies, light, medication, way to protect yourself, massive potential unrest/violence. Make last minute preparations for possible martial law.

Word of Day: Good changes are coming to your situation.

Be brave. Be strong.