Current Earth Story Plotline – Psychic Update, November 2020

Current Earth Story Plotline – Psychic Update, November 2020

Magenta Pixie

Great Britain is locked-down again as of November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day. Will end at the end of December, maybe… with mandated vaccines, etc.

The second wave will succeed but not as much. The third wave will FAIL.

The second wave in AWAKENING will change the timeline, but not enough to stop the controllers. The NWO will look like it is going to be happening.

The third lockdown will be the third wave of ‘germs’, but also the third wave of AWAKENING at the PHYSICAL LEVEL.

Our protagonist is YOU, all of YOU.

Remote viewing at looking at the votes already cast in the American Election, Trump has already won. The controllers will lie about the results… a lot of chaos, fighting is possible… The results will have to go before the Supreme Court. The current ‘king’ will be declared winner, but the result will result in arguments.

Alternative plotline is that the ‘king’ is unchallenged.

Disclosure, BIG disclosure is coming after the Election. His election leads to the freedom of the Earth.

Go out and VOTE!