The Vortexes, Consciousness and Desires of Unexpected Places!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Happy Halloween!! The moon is bright and full this morning here in my crazy world. This blog has been trying to get written for the last 4 days and well, today is the day I am going to push it thru to finished!!

This past week, in 2 of the combo readings (body/ET) that I had done, there was a focus on energy fields I never realized held its own consciousness and desires. Things like, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, etc..

I will start with the easiest to understand. Neighborhoods. Once a neighborhood is built, regardless of the intention of the builders themselves. a neighborhood forms a vortex of consciousness. Of course, its consciousness is directly aligned with that of the city vortex, but we will get to that in a moment. Now, every neighborhood has houses/homes/businesses. etc. located within them. Those buildings also have their own vortex within the vortex…

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