Return of the Jaguar Mother, Ep. 6: The Light Within

Koyopa Rising

Eduardo opens with a Mayan prayer. Eileen reflects on the messages that have often spoken of the light at the core of every human. The same light is at the center of the Earth, the center of the galaxy, and beyond. While much of humanity has been derailed from their natural state, in this intersection between worlds we can meet this opportunity to restore the Divine light within. Eileen speaks of the power of our will to synchronize with the soul, and what can get in the way of accessing our greater gifts. Dark forces can only manipulate us when we are off-line from our natural multidimensional state. With Love as the primary Force of the Universe, we must ask whether our chosen leaders actually embody this Love and our universal values. This is key in moving forward. Eduardo and Eileen explore and share much more about actively restoring our…

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