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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When you say, “Despite this and that,” you are speaking of the relative world. When it comes to Heaven, there is no despite anything. There are no exceptions in Heaven. There is nothing to push aside. What could an angel say? “Despite my wings, I am happy.” Or, “Despite my life on Earth, I’m fine now.” Or, “Despite what is going on in the world, now I’m in Heaven.”

In the world you look for exceptions, and these are your excuses.

On Earth, even a hero might say: “Despite the obstacles, I triumphed.” Why, it could even be because of the obstacles that he triumphed! Perhaps every perceived flaw was a notch in his belt of success.

Now I will use the word “despite” to make a point: Despite everything I have given you, you find fault. Despite all the gifts and blessings, you find complaint. Despite all…

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