November Energy Update: Major Month For Healing, Personal Clarity, Small Acts of Peace & More


The #EnergyUpdate for November 2020 has arrived! There were many themes this month and a few of the key ones are:

  • MAJOR MONTH FOR HEALING in November, both emotional and physical.
  • PERSONAL CLARITY arising as a result of the outer chaos.
  • SMALL ACTS OF PEACE will be galvanizing, and
  • PAINFUL TRUTHS AND SOOTHING TRUTHS, how truths coming out and rising to the surface are going to play a big part in the month of November.

Check out the full update for insights on all of the above and more:…

Editor’s note: I love the line where Lee says: “… people don’t always know they are emotional or angry. They think they’re right!”

So, true, especially these days with the intense energetics. Be kind, folks, to yourself and others.