America: Vote from your Soul, Say a Prayer, and Expect the Unexpected

Koyopa Rising

At this crossroads, anything can happen. In all things, choose love.

In 2016, before the presidential election, I prayed and spent time in deep inquiry. There were many discussions at the time with clients, friends, and family, about voting and the perceived qualities of the given candidates. While I heard a few folks speak with a clear, no-question-selection for the next president, mostly what I was hearing was that people were stuck, frozen, or apathetic about the whole “charade” of democracy. The response I received from my deep inquiry helped me to move forward with a new tool and a bigger-picture view.

A level of engagement with conscious intent is far more self-actualizing than a stubborn refusal to participate. In our declaration that the “system is f*%ked so why bother,” it’s pretty clear that we expose ourselves to further loss – the proverbial throwing away the baby with the bathwater…

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