Planned Chaos – Media: Tell a Vision and Predictive Programming

Planned Chaos – Media: Tell a Vision and Predictive Programming

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We’re living in a moment when there is a bombardment of media information.  People are confused by the plethora of information. Whom should they believe?  Facts are spun to present a particular narrative. Who can be trusted?  One thing to remember, is that the mainstream media is produced, and has largely been broadcast over the years on “Tell A Vision.” We watch “programs.” The media use programming to control the narrative … and minds.

History is written by the victors. What’s important to understand is that there is a carefully orchestrated organization behind much, if not all, of the media narrative.  It is not random entertainment.  From a United States perspective, there has been a consolidation of media, so that there are now only six major media corporations. That is quite a narrow lens from which we receive our information.

This came about because of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, where media companies consolidated that once numbered over 30,000 independent media outlets from newspapers, local papers, radio, and TV stations.  These various news providers used to be held to higher standards and were often keep in check by liable or slander suits, and a more informed public.

“The 1996 (Telecommunications) Act was designed to usher in competition to telephony and cable by breaking down the cross-entry barriers that were put in place by the Communication Act of 1984. Yet immediately after the passage of the 1996 Act, telecommunication industries witnessed a deluge of mega mergers and acquisitions.”

– The Impact of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 in the Broadband Age
Hanlong Fu, David J. Atkin, Yi Mou
Dept. of Communications Sciences University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut.

This Telecommunications Act changed those standards, and the effect is what we see now. The News transformed from reporting “just the facts” to a presentation style based on opinion or focused on its’ entertainment value.  Whereas the media used to be known as the 4th Estate – public fact checkers on Congress, Judicial and Executive branches – it became a way to control the public message.

And with social media as an even larger influence, we’re currently seeing a vast amount of control in the hands of only a few platforms, where users are subjected to constant censorship.  But we live in a free and open society! That is the illusion.  Right now, high powered organizations own large media conglomerates and that scenario leads to the media parroting each other – also known as Mockingbird Media – as seen in this Sinclair Media Group coordinated broadcast warning on the dangers of alternative news outlets.

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