X22 Report, 16 October 2020


Boris Johnson has had with the EU and he is ready to completely break away from them. Consumer sentiment has formed a V, which means that people now have hope. US retail sales rise, the economy is moving forward at full steam. The [CB] begins its narrative of why the system is not going to improve.


The [DS]/MSM have gone full 1984, the people now see their true intentions, censor at all costs. The patriots are ready to unleash the second wave, this is going to be very damaging and the social media companies are preparing for this. The patriots are in full control, they have tons of ammunition. [DS] message sent, getting ready for something big.

X22 Report is no longer available on YouTube due to unlawful censorship. This was part of the next step taken by the Deep State…

Guidance Through The Storm; #4

the celestial team

This is the celestial team, reaching out to You with much warmth and support!

We see You, we feel your vibrations of unease, and hear many of your cries for reassurance now. In the midst of your current climate of internal and external unrest, we reach out to offer what we can to assist You in staying centered and calm.

First, we tell You: You are loved. You are not alone. Beyond all evidence to the contrary, You are safe, every one of You.

Every ONE! Even those who are dying from a virus, or dying in violence, are safe. Safe, loved, understood, and welcomed.

There is much more to “life” than being alive as You know it.
There is much more to Love than “love” as you have known it in the third dimension. Rest in that awareness.

We see how this new, light energy that has been fizzing…

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Does the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction 2020 hearken back to ancient Babylon? — Exopermaculture

[A note to subscribers: Last night I pushed the wrong button and a post entitled “Carol Marak. Exceptional” was posted. I noticed the mistake a second later, and deleted, but that was too late for you! I often do this, put up something as a note just to remind myself of what I want to…

Does the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction 2020 hearken back to ancient Babylon? —

The DARK SIDE of Spiritual Awakening

The DARK SIDE of SPIRITUAL AWAKENING | Depression Loneliness Hopelessness

Awaken Insight

Spiritual Awakening isn’t all love and light. Sometimes there is darkness. Sometimes we may experience deep despair; what is often referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. In this video we explore this darkness in order to understand and transcend it.

(I apologize for the poor video quality. This was recorded outdoors very late at night with poor lighting conditions, but perhaps that suits the topic well.)

Note to Readers: I just discovered this fellow. He also has Facebook and Instagram accounts if you prefer going to those sources…

God Beckons You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

It is in My heart to ask you to remember that the sun is always shining somewhere. Even when the light of day is out of the range of your vision, you know very well that the sun will soon appear on the horizon right before your eyes.
If I am the Painter, I paint a beautiful dawn for you every day. You will see the striations in the sky before the sunlight bursts forth. Since the Creation of Time, there is no morning that skipped a sunrise. In this in the relative world, there is a consistency you can count on. Whatever tangle you may be in the midst of, there is a break from it. The sun dawns. Let the sun dawn in you now.
Let the sun rise within you now. It is inevitable that the sun will burst forth. Never mind the…

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Deer Moon Astrology 10/17-10/18/2020


SATURDAY, 10/17/2020: Today’s Scorpio Moon encourages us to push even further in our search for truth and understanding. The retrograding Mars, as Spiritual Warrior, has led us to an awakening. A part of that awakening is found in the need to be direct with others by asking for the kind of support that we want and need. There is an organizational capacity here, allowing us to put together details of the series of unfolding breakthroughs and revelation and begin to draw broad conclusions. Ultimately, we are preparing to build new structures once we complete the ongoing review processes that will help us understand where we have made mistakes in the past.

You’re diving into the swampy depths throughout much of the day. The waxing crescent moon enters watery Scorpio this morning, providing an emotional lubricant to a multitude of issues that have been stuck beneath the surface.

You are…

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Transits – October 16 to November 29, 2020: The Homestretch

The Stars Within Their Courses

We are finally near the end of 2020, which has been quite a year. The reason that this year has been so difficult is that we are in a time of transition.

For more information about this transition, see:

2020 – An Earth-Shattering Year

This year will culminate in a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, which is also known as a Great Conjunction.

The good news is that we have already experienced or are currently experiencing most of the major astrological events leading up to this conjunction. All that is left is one more Eclipse Season, which will begin on November 24 and end on December 28.

The Lunar Eclipse of the season will be on November 30, and the Solar Eclipse will be on December 14. I will write more about these eclipses in future articles.

October 16 to October 30 – coming to a head

In the New Moon chart…

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