The Law of One’s Law of Responsibility Echos Jesus’ Words: “To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected” (Luke 12:48)

Cosmic Christ

Article by Doug Esse

This is taken from a question/response exchange between a reader of my article: Were Some of Jesus’ Words Orion Influenced?

The questioner was asking about the Law of Responsibility and polarization mentioned in the Law of One.


Doug’s Response:

The Law of Responsibility is mentioned several times in the Law of One material (sessions 22.5, 60.16, and 101.8). It’s not very difficult cosmic law to understand (I don’t think…) if we compare it to our own lives.

Take a teenager, for example. We would expect a 16 year old to be more responsible and to engage in the world commensurate given their psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual development when compared, say, to a 5 year old? Likely, yes.

On the other hand, we wouldn’t expect that 16 year old to be as responsible as a 30 year old. However, do you know some 30…

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