X22 Report, 14 October 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: X22 Report has been removed from YouTube. You can listen/watch it on BitChute. FaceBook is taking down all conservative channels.

Economist Baffled By Recovery, [CB] Just Announced Their Reset Plan – Episode 2302a

The economist are now baffled on how the economy is recovering, they thought it would take years to recover. The states that are not recovering are those states that have their marching orders (keep shutdown). The [CB] just announce their plan for the reset, they need to move forward. The problem is they are exposed.

October Surprises, The Gift That Keeps On Giving, Wait For It – Episode 2302b

The [DS]/MSM are doing everything they can to censor information. The October surprises have just begun, more are on the way. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Why is the [DS] scrambling? Why don’t they have anymore ammunition, because they used it all. The patriots waited for the right moment to strike. They have tons of ammunition and they are using it. The hunted have now become the hunters. Enjoy the show.

Documentation, tapes, videos, phone calls, emails… the Patriots have it all.