THE EVENT/December 2020

THE EVENT/December 2020

Lorie Ladd

Note to Readers: These are my notes, not Lorie’s. Listen to the video for what she is conveying as her truth regarding the upcoming Solar Flare, due to hit the planet sometime during December 19 – 22, at Winter/Summer Solstice portal. As Lorie stresses, the Quantum Field holds many truths, there is no right or wrong. It is up to the individual which truth they choose as their own, whether coming from a negative fear-based 3D frequency or a higher frequency 5D, based in love, peace, and light. Lorie gets these updates from her guides within the Galactic Federation of Light.

When we shift frequencies, we shift out of the old timeline. The new timeline will give us new experiences that will be coming on that timeline. It is IMPOSSIBLE to predict dates of events, based on free will and the collective consciousness of humanity. We are jumping out of timelines quickly now. The Solar Flare will be experienced in a different manner than what would have been experienced on a different timeline. What we experience on 12/21/20 will be dependent on the frequency being held by the human collective. Probabilities shift as timelines shift.

The Solar Flare was scheduled originally designed to massively jumpstart humanity into a higher frequency… a laser beam of high frequency light. The higher we are as a collective, the lesser the effect that beam will have. This was pre-arranged if we needed it… We don’t need the solar flare anymore. It may be experienced as an energetic portal. It was always in humanity’s best interest to raise our frequency before the solar flare so we would not be negatively affected by the energetic effects. It was not designed to create cataclysmic events.

The 3D/5D split has ALREADY happened. We are NOT leaving Earth. This event happens here, right now. You can only see the dimensional field that your body is in now. Fear narratives are held in a lower 3D consciousness.

Excellent report to listen to a couple of times.