Were Some of Jesus’ Words Orion-Influenced?

Cosmic Christ

An Article by Doug Esse

The following is an email exchange between Jim McCarty of L/L Research (and the “scribe” in the Law of One material) and myself.



Great to hear from you again. And great also to be able to read your latest essay/channeling.

I also wanted to ask you if you have ever read any of Carla’s channeling of the Holy Spirit? To me they are the most inspiring channelings I have ever heard. I copied the one from my Camelot Journal entry from today and will paste it below for your enjoyment. [Here is a link to this channeling source: https://llresearch.org/library/a_book_of_days_pdf/a_book_of_days.aspx%5D

I enjoyed what you had to say about Jesus’s and the Confederation’s mission regarding Earth being tailored to fit the needs of this “motley crew” that has had such trouble making the harvest to the fourth density, not only on this planet but…

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