Return of the Jaguar Mother, Ep.5: End of the Long Count – Window Between Worlds

Koyopa Rising

We have arrived. Now, where do we go from here? Eduardo and Eileen weave the Mayan teachings with the latest data coming through Eileen’s dream-messages. Her October 4th transmission zeros in on what ascension actually is; and that we have everything we need to ascend, transcend, synchronize, and embody our Greater Selves. As we walk the razor’s edge of consciousness between worlds, both Eduardo and Eileen dive further into the guidance: how to consciously navigate through what the Mayan Elders referred to as an all-important window between worlds.

Eduardo and Eileen talk about action-oriented ways to “go within,” which Eileen indicates are ways to move past the glitches that occur in deeply conditioned human consciousness. Dreams and breathwork are discussed as ways to begin to turn our attention inward and initiate the inner conversation. Eileen speaks directly about her recent dream experience of a more expanded, higher-self viewpoint interacting with…

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