Astrology October 14, 2020: The Waning Moon in Virgo

Cosmic Life Coach

Cosmic Weather:

The late great Portuguese writer Joe Saramago once wrote: “Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered.” An insight that we may want to personally apply to our lives today as we have the Waning Crescent Moon in organizing Virgo dutifully at our beck and call for the duration. When Luna is in perfecting Virgo (an earth sign), our actions are motivated mainly by practical considerations. Also, the Waning lunar cycle is always excellent for wrapping or finishing things up, decluttering, de-weeding, cleaning closets, catching up on chores or menial tasks as we ready ourselves for the upcoming New Moon, which in this case, will be in Libra, on Friday.

The Moon in Virgo is also making flowing trines, this afternoon, to both perceptive Pluto (1:55 pm) and disciplined Saturn (6:47 pm) in the self-mastery sign of Capricorn, ideally allowing us to further zero in, more intensely, on…

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