Embracing Change

Reflections of Riverman


The first words that arose as I awakened this morning were, EMBRACING CHANGE.

I sat down to write my show notes and was guided to look at all my past talks.
Each one representing a journey of awakening from past beliefs and misunderstanding.

They speak about the freedom to explore new possibilities.

What are the new possibilities that you might like to explore?
What might you have to let go of to become unstuck?

Everything is in the process of evolution.
It has always been evolving, yet many of us have been fighting it.

We have set goals for ourselves and our families, which are based on limitations.

The failure to address change results in stagnation and entropy.

In simpler terms, the inability to communicate and evolve as a whole system or society.

As individuals, we have been immobilized by fear and a lackā€¦

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