Dissenting Scientists Issue Covid-19 Herd Immunity Declaration

Dissenting Scientists Issue Covid-19 Herd Immunity Declaration


Freddie Sayers talks to eminent epidemiologists Dr Sunetra Gupta, Dr Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Martin Kulldorff, who met in Massachusetts to sign a declaration calling for a different global response to the pandemic.

(instead of lockdowns!)

Editor’s note: This dialogue might be of interest to some of my readers… It is certainly an alternative from the fear porn pushed 24/7 by MSM.

Altering Appearances

Living Light

As we awaken to Truth, we perceive our inherent power to alter the outer reality of appearances, leading to the vibrant Reality of true Life.

Life is the movement of energy created between cause (source) and effect (reflection). This movement creates our lifestream that energizes our bodily form and reality, manifesting its appearance.

What our mind accepts as the source of its truth becomes the cause for its reality. Therefore, our source of truth determines the nature and quality of our lifestream. When the source of truth is based on perception of the outer reality, the limitations we perceive ultimately create bitter waters in our lifestream that manifest a reality of suffering. When our source is the Truth, we become sovereign over all outer appearances and peaceful waters of Life flow into our sphere of reality.

When the outer reality is our source of truth, we limit the mind to…

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Water & Light

Reflections of Riverman

The finishing moment for me, of a week long journey of Water Blessings brought me to this Light dancing on the Atlantic Ocean Waters.

One in which the reflection entered into my heart and brought an ancient awareness of beginnings.

One in which Water covered our beautiful Planet Earth and we had forms that were fully adapted for living in that Water.

One in which it reminded me of being in our human mother’s womb as light-sensitive cells.


Let the Light embrace you
and invite you deeper
into the Water

You Are Water And Light

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.11.20

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Ode to the Oak: Acorn Harvesting, Preparation, Acorn Breads, and More!

The Druid's Garden

Honoring the oak

With the cooler temperatures of September and October, the abundance of the Oaks come forth.  In my area, we have abundant oaks of a variety of species: white oak, chestnut oak, eastern red oak, swamp oak, and much more.  Each of these oaks, every 2-3 years, produces an amazing crop of nuts that simply drop at your feet. Acorn was once a staple food crop of many different peoples around the world–and in some places, it still is.  Here in North America, acorns and chestnuts were primary food sources for native American people. Cultures subsided–and thrived–on annual acorn harvests and the bread, cakes, grits, and other foods that can be made with processed acorns.  I really enjoy processing acorns and using them as ritual foods for both the fall equinox and Samhain.

Thus, in this post, we’ll explore the magic of the acorn, how to process acorns…

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What You Learn in Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Look, it’s okay that you make mistakes. Of course, you make mistakes. You are groping your way in life and often wear a blindfold. Only afterwards does the blindfold come off, and you see. Be glad that you see now. You are past a particular mistake now. You simply don’t know everything. And sometimes you are not thinking. The thing is you think now, and now you are aware. Hurray. Be happy. Applaud yourself for learning. What are regrets but that you have learned something? Fantastic!

The movie you are in now is not finished. The movie is in process, and there are retakes. This movie of life gives you opportunity to try again in another scene. Isn’t that wonderful?

I made you perfect. Perfect doesn’t mean that you know everything. Perfect doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to learn. Perfect doesn’t mean that you are full-grown…

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