It Took a few Angels and ETs to Jog my Awakening

Koyopa Rising

On this morning, making my way through the mundane task of email correspondence, my heart began filling with the familiar glow of Presence. Many years ago, I affectionately referred to this blanket of sweetness as “the Love Goo.” Whatever I decide to name it, and no matter what is happening in the world out there, I recognize that this current of Love arrives to inform me directly. When it permeates my being, I know what I need to know. It is thy rod and thy staff, a Divine Conduit within. And I trust IT completely.

However, things didn’t always work this way. It took a few ETs and angels to jog my awakening.

When I feel it, I’ve learned to stop everything and listen. Is it a message for me? For an article? For a client today? When the download is complete, I can start moving again. I…

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