Faerie Paths — The Ages

Humoring the Goddess

As the air I breathe is drawn from the great repositories of nature, as the light on my book is yielded by a star a hundred millions of miles distant, as the poise of my body depends on the equilibrium of centrifugal and centripetal forces, so the hours should be instructed by the ages, and the ages explained by the hours.        

~Ralph Waldo Emerson, History

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Let’s Discuss: Chiron Pt. 1 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

In our ongoing exploration of specific natal aspects Readers have submitted for discussion (submissions are closed), we focus now on Chiron. Though initially considered an asteroid, it’s currently classified as a Centaur (it was in fact the first-discovered, lending its character to the classification itself), which is defined as an object orbiting the Sun between […]

Let’s Discuss: Chiron Pt. 1 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

It Took a few Angels and ETs to Jog my Awakening

Koyopa Rising

On this morning, making my way through the mundane task of email correspondence, my heart began filling with the familiar glow of Presence. Many years ago, I affectionately referred to this blanket of sweetness as “the Love Goo.” Whatever I decide to name it, and no matter what is happening in the world out there, I recognize that this current of Love arrives to inform me directly. When it permeates my being, I know what I need to know. It is thy rod and thy staff, a Divine Conduit within. And I trust IT completely.

However, things didn’t always work this way. It took a few ETs and angels to jog my awakening.

When I feel it, I’ve learned to stop everything and listen. Is it a message for me? For an article? For a client today? When the download is complete, I can start moving again. I…

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Guidance Through The Storm; #3

the celestial team

Hello! A Warm, Warm, Hello to All and Each of You!

We spoke with You last about the energy of NOW, and your purpose on the planet, which is integration. About the latter, Yeshuwah wishes most passionately to speak to You:

This is Yeshuwah.
We are reaching out to touch You now, if You will allow us, with the frequencies of our love for You.

We deeply wish You to allow yourSelves to feel our frequencies now. You can experience them not only in the words You are reading, but in the air around You as You read. Most importantly, You will feel them within You. We wish You to take a moment to let yourSelves feel them there.

There is nothing that keeps You from deserving our love, we will tell You that! TRUST that. Trust our word on that, and feel NOW, feel how loved You are, feel…

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Deer Moon Astrology 10/10-10/11/2020


SATURDAY, 10/10/2020: As we emerge from the second Mars-Pluto square, the power of Saturn to enforce protocol and procedure takes center stage today. As the intensity of emotion begins to wane, a strict sense of propriety and enforced standards takes over to steady our course. For some, this may seem too restrictive and entirely unacceptable, while others will be at least a bit reassured by the return of some sense of order. In this atmosphere, however, we are more comfortable in openly taking an independent stand since the push back is not as likely to be ‘over-the-top’ as it may have seemed over the past few days. The Moon is void-of-course for much of the day today, from 9:03 AM PDT until 5:24 PM PDT.

Think of today as the calm after a whole lot of storm!

This is an interesting day that brings cosmic relief to personal frustrations. The influence of the Cancer last quarter moon…

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