Deer Moon Astrology 10/9/2020


Mars returns to make the second of three intense squares to Pluto today. We continue to be inclined to work in the shadows but today’s intensity is likely to lead to some sort opening, exposure, or revelation. Venus is approaching a sextile with Mercury, loosening the tight grip on information and increasing our willingness to share our intentions. Nonetheless, the idea of compromise is still likely to seem to be a mountain too high to climb. We are extremely sensitive to the price we pay whenever we give up a piece of our vision and our principles. The Moon’s trine to Neptune this evening helps us to intuitively recognize who to trust — and how much to trust them.

With the last quarter moon in the watery sign of Cancer right off the bat, it’s a day to focus on your home and family needs. This can be tough because the square with the sun…

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7 thoughts on “Deer Moon Astrology 10/9/2020

    • Yes, Sue. According to some of my sources, these energetics are exhibiting ‘historical replication’; in other words, an intensity that makes history. Dutchsinse has been putting out numerous earthquake warnings for the Pacific Basin, extending down along the North American Craton (plate) and over to the New Madrid Fault in the Mississippi Valley. Volcanoes will be popping off, too, throughout the planet. Best to be prepared and calm in our observations for the next couple of months.

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