Astrology October 7, 2020: Mercury Opposes Uranus Rx

Cosmic Life Coach

Cosmic Weather:

While intellectual Mercury’s opposition to erratic Uranus may make it a bit more difficult for us to concentrate or focus our brilliant attention today (4:55 pm EDT), we may be able to score at least a few bonus points with respect to suddenly being able to see things/elements in a whole brand new light – which could then conceivably go a long way in helping us to dispel, perhaps, some of our more rigid, outworn, or erroneous views or narratives… Of course, there’s also a chance that these fresh new insights could deliver up sort of a mental jolt that leaves us kind of clueless about what to do as we may be unable to mentally process everything in a timely, semi-intelligible fashion, due to the very rapid speed of thoughts, ideas, and messages now… Fortunately, though, today’s scintillating Mercury-Uranus opposition is just the very first go-round, so…

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