The Hunt for Red October – Charlie Freak with Alpa Soni

The Hunt for Red October – Charlie Freak with Alpa Soni


The wonderful Alpa Soni invited me to chat with her for the second time, with this show focusing upon the Trump Team’s Takedown of the Political Demons in Washington DC during the month of October, 2020, which includes Clintongate, Obamagate, Russiagate, Flynngate, the end of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the plan to eradicate Roe vs Wade, which is the Murder of Innocent Children known as Abortion and the theft of new born Babies in the hospital via the Lie of Stillborn Babies…thru the show, I explain Trump and the Q Team’s full plan to awaken the masses, known as the Hunt For Red October, where Blood will be spilled, but it will be the blood of these Demons…starting with Hillary Clinton…

The show then went on to explain our new Financial Jubilee, which is the Quantum Financial System (QFS) which is all about the eradication of Illegal banking practices for a new financial system that will see FAIRNESS return to all…it will be based upon a Debt Free currency that will feature real Gold and other Precious Metal Deposits…I explain how this system will be so much more than the NESARA/GESARA proposed by so many, and how this new system will not be based upon a Dollar-less, Crypto-Currency, rather a strong Dollar bill and minted Coins. During the show I explained that Debt removal would also include the creation of shared wealth for all, ensuring that ALL people’s needs are being met, including the bare minimum which includes a nice Home, Potable water, access to Free Energy, etc…also I shared that a new world is coming where taking care of one another will dominate our purpose and approach to life…and where educating our children outside of classrooms will become essential…

This conversation was a beautiful, flowing synchronicity where the thoughts of Alpa and myself connected with each other throughout…this resulted in pure Gnosis, and thru Alpa’s skilled handling of the show, we were able to cover an ENORMOUS amount of material in a way that even the most casual listener could relate to and innerstand…so, sit back, relax and enjoy this Mind Expanding conversation with myself and Alpa…CF

A startling bit of info: From WWII, the number 1 cash crop of the world was to harvest children. A huge tunnel system is STILL being taken down worldwide.