Deer Moon Astrology 10/6/2020


Intuitive inspiration will take us far today. However, escapist routes and wishful thinking will lead us down a slippery slope that may be quite difficult to extricate ourselves from. The building imperatives from the forming Mars-Pluto square may create enough pressure for a remarkable breakthrough — but breakdowns are also possible if we push too hard or fail to recognize the warning signs. Decisions are especially difficult and today’s Gemini Moon increases nervous restlessness and the desire for quick fixes. It is especially important to slow down and take time to consider before we make any commitments.

There is so much to notice as the day unfolds! With the void-of-course moon entering the dynamic sign of Gemini this morning, today opens with a ton of mental downloads.

In fact, Mercury is all up in our busines today, both emotionally and spiritually. An enlightening opposition between the planet of communication in the intense sign of Scorpio…

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