Blowing the Roof Off Your Heart: Through the Lens of a Lifelong Experiencer

Koyopa Rising

I’m interested in the lifelong evolution of ET contact, OBEs, Kundalini-Koyopa, and other spiritually transformative events. Both mine and others. That’s where the real data is – inside the ones who were seemingly pushed into More. Back then, I wasn’t even allowed to speak of it. The wounding I experienced in my younger years mostly came from being “too much.”Put a lid on it, they would say. The recent dream experiences and the downloads are helping to reverse all of this. The roof is so far blown off of the containment now that I doubt if we’d ever find it again. I, for one, will never agree to put that roof or any other roof over my consciousness again. We are witnessing now, what happens when we agree to be smaller than we actually are. And for many of us, what happens when we reverse our direction from…

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